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Friday, September 23, 2011


This is an odd one. Suddenly appeared on a wall near our house. Anyone know what it stands for? Can't find any obvious reference to it. Who is this poor lad? No doubt I will post this and one of the four people who may still be glancing at my blog from time to time will roar with larffter and say,

"you idiot, this is blatantly the work of infamous graf terrorists 'World Graffiti Rebels Group' and this is their hangdog mascot 'wifebeater willy', everyone knows that!"

Fine, I await humiliation, do your worst.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

To infinity and bend

So it came to pass that chuffy didst gird his substantial loins and abscond for the foggy climes of San Frandisco. To send him off in a suitably broken state, we gathered at the Goat for a few (dozen) quiet ones. Why is it that these evenings inevitably deteriorate into calamitous camera phone action. The picture you see here is a failed attempt to capture the essential essence of chuff and porkhead's lifelong bromance, but has sadly turned out looking like a rejected still from Simon and Garfunkel's little known 'Prat Sandwich' album. No matter, with a good showing from the zimmers and the lovely L, we made a hearty fist of it; despite pork hurling JD and coke over 'the Stath' who appeared to have fallen on hard times and was manning the door. He kindly avoided killing us all horribly with a bar mat, but did ask us to leave, which was fine considering they had shut off all the lights and we were the last ones there.

All the best Chuffy, we'll have to do it all again on your side.


Friday, September 09, 2011

Blogger app, hurrah

So, obviously my blog action has fallen off dramatically. Full time employment, extremely mobile child, great tiredness, the excuses pile up. The real reason for my failure was that there was no functional iPhone blogger app available, which would allow me to extend the reach of this insidious device even further.

All that has changed.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

When you're smiling...

The evolution of a smile. Not too sure at first, but as we're sporting our particularly groovy roboten t-shirt, it matters not. Then we put a little more effort into it, managing this rather coy look in the middle. Bubbling over into a full on wide mouthed frog. We're still working on a chuckle, which he seems to manage no problem when he's fast asleep. Hard to describe how disturbing it is, when you've just finished the 12 o'clock dream feed and the boy is fast asleep in your arms. Suddenly, his angelic visage changes as the demon takes possession and he lets out the truly weirdest larf "he he he he." Like he's just released Bond into the shark pool. Chilling.